MANN Oil Filter W714/3


Part Number: W 714/3

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Protects against harmful contaminants
Superior engine protection for the entire service interval
Efficient separation and high dirt holding capacity with minimal pressure drop
Designed to meet OE specifications
MANN Premium Oil FilterW 714/3

MANN Premium Oil Filters are manufactured to exacting Original Equipment specifications to ensure your engine gets the best protection even in the most demanding applications.

Not all filters are created the same. Today’s modern engines place the oil system under extreme pressure and only clean engine oil can ensure consistent performance.

MANN Premium Oil Filters feature the correct OE specifications for:
Return stop valve: ensures oil remains in the filter when engine is switched off and available when the engine is started.
Bypass valve: ensures that oil is available when the engine is cold started
Release devices: enable quick and easy removal of the spin-on oil filters.

MANN filters are engineered in Germany to the highest possible standards and are recommend for all modern engines.

Outer diameter [mm]:

Inner Diameter 1 [mm]:

Inner Diameter 2 [mm]:

Thread Size:
3/4-16 UNF

Height [mm]:

Bypass Valve Opening Pressure [bar]:

Part number of the recommended special tools:
LS 7

Supplementary Article/Info 2:
With one anti-return valve
Engine Codes:
128 A1.000,128 AS.000,138 AS.000,138 B3.000,932 A.000,936 A.000,936 A6.000,AR 06430
AR 16102,AR 16105,AR 34301,AR 34302,AR 36101,AR 64301
OE Numbers:
0 451 103 096,0 451 103 151,0 451 103 151-30N,0 451 103 255,0 451 103 351,0 451 103 356
0 451 203 151,0 451 203 155,2022,39763,4212109,4228326,43.10.110,43.10.112,43.10.116
5939831,5951865,9 451 103 100,C 106,DO 1816,DO 1825,DO 238,DO 239,EXL-141A
EXL-166,FT4776,FT4949,FT5056,FT5582,FX0148,LS 145,LS 235,O-79/100.7,SP 1475,SP 571
SP-928,X 18,X 19,X 4131 E,X 501,Z 1458
Part Number:
W 714/3

MANN Filters have a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty from the date of installation in your vehicle, or until the expiration of use period as defined by vehicle manufacturer. If unused, 18 months from the date shipped to you.


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