MANN Oil Filter – HU718/5X


Part Number: HU 718/5 X

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Outer diameter [mm]:

Inner Diameter [mm]:

Inner Diameter 1 [mm]:

Height [mm]:

Part number of the recommended special tools:
LS 7
Engine Codes:
EGX,EGZ,M 112.910,M 112.911,M 112.912,M 112.913,M 112.914,M 112.915,M 112.917,M 112.920,M 112.921
M 112.940,M 112.941,M 112.942,M 112.943,M 112.944,M 112.946,M 112.947,M 112.949,M 112.951
M 112.955,M 112.960,M 112.961,M 112.970,M 112.972,M 112.973,M 112.976,M 113.940,M 113.941
M 113.942,M 113.943,M 113.944,M 113.960,M 113.963,M 113.964,M 113.965,M 113.966,M 113.967
M 113.968,M 113.969,M 113.971,M 113.980,M 113.981,M 113.984,M 113.986,M 113.987,M 113.988
M 113.990,M 113.991,M 113.992,M 113.993,M 113.995,M 137.970,M 272.920,M 272.940,M 272.942
M 272.943,M 272.947,M 272.948,M 272.960,M 272.964,M 272.965,M 272.966,M 272.967,M 272.968
M 272.969,M 272.975,M 272.977,M 272.980,M 272.982,M 272.983,M 273.922,M 273.960,M 273.961
M 273.963,M 273.965,M 273.966,M 273.967,M 273.970,M 273.971
OE Numbers:
0 986 AF0 254,041-8169,05102905AA,05102905AB,05183748AA,1 457 429 138,1 457 429 138-0B0
1 457 429 196,1 457 429 263,10-ECO021,1044,16.32.28/10,32910,5183748AA,71775180,AC 6203 E
ADA 102102,AS 1538,AS 1553,AS 1558,CH12138ECO,CH8607,CH8902,CH8902 ECO,COF100509E
E11H D155,F 00E 160 371,FA5441,FA5441 ECO,FA6792ECO,FX0181,GB-1210,K05183748AA,K5183748AA
K71775180,LI 204,M 6,MD-337C,ML 479,ML 479/A,ML 487,ML487A,MLE 1353 A,OB-65/115.3
OE 640/2,P1143,P550798,P7493,XE 509,XE 537,XE 551
Part Number:
HU 718/5 X
MANN Filters have a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty from the date of installation in your vehicle, or until the expiration of use period as defined by vehicle manufacturer. If unused, 18 months from the date shipped to you.


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