Champion Iridium Spark Plug – 9006


Part Number: 9006

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Compatible w/ Passenger Cars, Light Truck & Powersport Applications
Iridium & Platinum Enhanced
Heat-Active Alloy for Optimal Temperature & Stability
Focused Spark Achieved Max Power
Fast Throttle Response
Champion Iridium Spark Plugs are what you have been looking for from a spark plug – dependability, durability, and performance. Built to ISO and SAE standards, the Champion Iridium Spark Plug 9006 exhibits proven performance for passenger car, light truck, and powersport application. For an advanced lifespan and precise heat range control, Iridium is the ultimate element. The exclusive Heat-Active Alloy performs under all load conditions, maintaining operating temperatures as electrodes rapidly reach the ideal temperature and remain stable. The Center Electrode, made from fine wire that is Iridium tipped, together with the platinum V-Trimmed Ground Electrode, ensure erosion resistance and longevity. Your Champion Industrial Spark Plug has the most impressive corrosion protection of any spark plug in the industry, improving performance and reducing wear and tear. It also comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warrant with unlimited kilometers!

Get a spark plug you can count on with Champion Spark Plugs in Copper Plus, Platinum Power, Double Platinum Power, and Champion Iridium. Champion are trusted world leaders in spark plug manufacturing and know how to keep your engine running its best and fine-tuned all year long. From long-lasting spark plugs for lawn and garden applications, to performance spark plugs for the track, Champion have every lawn mower, boat, passenger car, truck, and track car covered!

Developed in close cooperation with the OE Manufacturers, Champion take pride in their spark plug creation and remain dedicated to the latest OEM technologies and meeting the most stringent requirements. This forward-thinking has gained them the position of the world’s number one spark plug provider, delivering spark plugs globally that fit the needs of the latest ignition developments. New spark plug technologies are released into the aftermarket quicklyand Champion are always at the front of the line to stock these new ranges.

Shell Specs

Thread Size:

Seat Type:


Resistor Type:

26.5mm (1.04″)

Hex Size:
5/8″ (16mm)

Terminal Type:

.039″ (1.0mm)


Part Number:

Manufacturers warranty

Single Plug

Spark Plugs – Iridium


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